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What is the EZY MOUNT? And why is it an innovative?


 Many customers who purchased the energy efficient wall mounted panel heaters have requested for a method where hey do not need to drill holes into their walls either of difficulty or due to their home owners not permitting to drill holes, we worked on it and introduced EZY MOUNT HEATERS


One stop solution for your heating problems

Large open spaces and rooms with high ceilings require more powerful heaters than smaller areas or enclosed spaces. Some situations require rapid heating early in the morning and low-level maintenance heating thereafter. Other situations may require only intermittent heating. For all the above requirements our AMAZE HEATERS is one stop solution.


Economical wattage analysis

An analysis of room heaters says that wattage of room heaters vary from 400 W to 2000 W. If the wattage is less, heater will emit less heat. It is important to note that if a 400 W heater runs for 1 hour it will consume 0.4 units whereas a 2000 W heater will consume 2 units if it runs for 1 hour, thus more the units consumed.

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